Notions of darkness and shadows, violence and love, hardboiled.

Photography of Colorado and the American Southwest displaying nature and history.

All material on this blog is original creation by James Blatter unless otherwise noted


The Cradle

You are magnificent,
You are ancient,
The first mother,
The first father
The tether,
Stringing all creation together.

Words by James Blatter

Image found on Pintrest

Local Cluster Communique


You hide your beauty behind,
Lies of exceptionalism,
Tradition, patriotism, tribalism,
You forget true facts,
That this shining sphere,
Is the only home
Your species has,
Yet you spoil it
Believing these lies
To support your quarrels,
So pardon if the universe,
Continues to ignore you.


Words by James Blatter

Images via European Space Agency


Kerosene lamp,
Flickering shadows
"Don’t waste your time!"
He screamed,
Into the quaking boughs,
Was there laughter in the dark?
"Sing with more terror!"
Came the whispered response,
Calm down,
Calm down,
Calm down,
His mind screamed,
"Lets keep the party going,"
Whispered a phantom’s voice,
He blew out the lantern,
Listened to laughter,
All his own.

Words and Photo by James Blatter

The Pholcus phalangioides or the Cellar Spider, is probably in your house right now.

Photos by JamesBlatter

Onward Christian Soldiers

Your ability to hear God,
Appears disabled,
With all the entrails littering,
The road beneath your feet,
Still you quote scripture,
While pulling a trigger,
Unsheathing a sword,
Still so necessary,
To protect thineself
When seeing unrepentant sin
Except the mirror.

Words by James Blatter

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Cacophony of Demagogues

Drums of war,
Incessant rhythms
Oppressive noise
Still beaten out
Even amidst the
Gruesome rubble
We are enraptured
By the pounding sound
Of death
Of destruction
Of innocence gone.

Words by James Blatter

Photo © The Guardian UK

For A White Audience

Ida B. Wells,
Bore witness
Emmett Till
Became the face
For the faceless
A thousand Negros
Rosewood and Kriven
Scorched from Earth.
Greenwood bombed gone,
Tell us again,
The nightmares
Of reverse-racism
Or sinister Knock-out games.
Bold liars,
Hiding in AM radio
And Tea-Party gatherings
Waiting to bear
Strange fruit once more.

Words by James Blatter

Photo Smithsonian Archive 

Manifest Destiny

Indians and cowboys
Robbers and cops
Strange tales indeed
Of purposeless footsteps,
Throughout history
We should abandon
These false trails
Reign in the confusion
Of mind and time,
Pluck peace,
From the petals divine,
To understand
Things aren’t as they should be.

Words by James Blatter

Photo via Etsy

Rebuked Heart

Letters of desire,
Smoke and cinders,
The whiskey burns,
No opportunity to forget,
A world gone from me
Unless his words become ashes.

Words by James Blatter

Photo via Shorpy Historical Society

A Thousand Whispers

An open grave,
A pale half-moon,
I hear you in the wind,
Always you come,
To abduct my soul,
For another evil,
Another taste of shame.

Endless grief,
Brings my perception of hell,
Others have morals,
Or fear their Perdition,
Desecration comes in many forms.

I gave her a Christian burial,
We had different illusions,
I guess I sought salvation,
She wanted immortality,
We joined in the abyss,

Oppressiveness sadness
Surrounds me,
Such is the nature,
Of sin, damnation, freedom,
Oh yes freedom,
Ruining innocence,
Makes us autonomous.

Words by James Blatter

Photo via Shorpy Historical Archive